About me

Rekha Sunil

A self-taught artist born in India, has been nurturing her passion for art since childhood. She constantly searches for her expression through a form of art that is both spontaneous and a joyful celebration of life. This ignites her creativity and invigorates her quest for something truer.

She has completed her Master’s degree in Botany and also completed courses in Graphic Designing and Interior Designing. All throughout her education, she has pampered her hobby and kept the freshness of her color, patterns and reflections alive which is evident in her art. Among the many cities and countries she has been, which include the US, UK, fareast and Africa, she finds her profound influence in Florence, the city of Michelengelo and Leanardo Da Vinci.

By virtue of this influence, her never ending appetite of creativity prompted her to experiment diverse art forms in painting including that of canvas, glass, mural, acrylic, ceramic, fabric and pot. She has expressed her keen passion for decoration through oil painting, remixed media painting, coffee painting, one stroke painting, wall painting and modern painting. Her paintings portray her intuitive insights into the human mind and bring forth a spontaneity to the subject she has chosen to depict, be it figurative, landscapes or abstracts.

On one of such journeys she had the opportunity to explore the art form known as decoupage, and further reading helped her understand it was started centuries ago to meet the public demand for Venetian furniture decorated with hand painted drawings. Constant research on decoupage made her fall in love with this beautiful art. To enrich her knowledge she has attended many trainings and studies round the world in countries like Italy, Bulgaria and Budapest.

Inspired from her first art exhibition in Saudi Arabia, Rekha decided to take herself to the next level and she came out with an idea of 'Creativa Middle East- " Dubai's first One Stop Decoupage Specialist Art and hobby Station", which was born on the 9 th March 2014.

She is been invited by corporates and government establishments to create team building activities through various forms of art across UAE. She has also regularly conducted workshop for art lovers by herself and in collaboration with other European artists. Her works have been covered by national dailies in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Besides her passion for art, she is also into Tarot and Oracle card reading. She is qualified as EFT and SRT practitioner .

Rekha has been living in the Middle East for more than 28 years, both in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait she currently resides with her family In Dubai, UAE.